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Will you cut materials to size? What about keys?

Yes, within our capabilities and for a small charge.

I saw a product advertised. Can you get it for me?

Yes, if it's available in Canada. Naturally, your price will be determined by cost and freight charges.

I am building a new home. Will I get volume discounts?

Volume discounts vary on a number of factors. Drop by or call us for particular information.

Will you match the prices of dealers on the continent?

We frequently can, as long as we are quoting on the same "apples". Naturally the freight factor may be an added expense.

Can you refer me to a contractor/builder on Bowen Island?

We could name all of our contractor customers. But it is your responsibility to check references.

My Organization is holding a fundraiser. Can you assist?

We always try to help local groups and organizations. It is the support of this community that has kept us in business all these years and we try to help whenever we can in appreciation of this support.

Can you bring the washer I bought in Park Royal to Bowen for me?

Sorry, our product is transported by an outside contractor. Check the Gold Pages under freight to find a business who could help you.

Where can I get information on the Building Code?

The building inspector's office at municipal hall, Artisan Square. Tel:604-947-4255

Where can I get my Garbage Decal?

Municipal Hall, Artisan Lane sell these all year round. The decal year begins July 1st.

What can I do with left-over paint?

Twice a year, Bowen Waste conducts a paint 'recycling' day. Normally held at the BBC. Watch your mail box for information, usually in spring and fall.

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